We Love Tacos

Rusty always said, “Tacos Are the Most Important Meal of the Day.” Rusty’s travels and love of authentic Mexican cooking inspired the menu. His commitment to making everything fresh and by hand inspires us daily.

Who is Rusty?

Our founder Rusty was passionate about all food, but he was especially passionate about tacos. Rusty’s taco dreams became reality when he and his wife Denise opened their fast-casual taco restaurant in a converted gas station on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. This is where the first Rusty Taco was born. But Rusty Taco is more than just a place for tacos. Rusty also believed in serving the community and creating a place where people from all walks of life can come together and feel welcome.

Been There,

Ate That

Rusty was always seeking out new taco experiences and flavor inspirations. During car trips, Rusty and his family would write down their ideas and store them in the glove box until their next adventure. Rusty’s family motto was “We will drive anywhere for good food!”